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The AlphaLine Repeater MFS is easy to operate via an intuitive 5 inch, color touchscreen display and is available in two colors that form a well-aligned complete whole. Smart, clear, consistent, safe, just some of the ways to describe what the AlphaLine Repeater Display series of navigation and communication instruments bring to the bridge of the future. A software-driven instrument line that will meet the requirements of information displays for use in the marine and offshore sector.


Choose a display then the software


The nautical instruments can act as a standalone indicator, or as a repeater for measurements such as speed, depth, time, wind speed, and direction. In the AlphaLine displays, we offer a complete series of sophisticated instruments highlighted by uniform design and simple operation. Besides touchscreen control, we also have a version supported by a multifunctional rotary knob, or joystick operation whenever more functionality is needed. The AlphaLine Repeater displays have all software versions of different instruments built in, and at the time of installation, a particular function can be selected. However, the AlphaLine "indicator" displays have dedicated software for a particular application which cannot be changed and is as such certified, and MED approved as part of a complete system.


Discover the software versions


The AlphaLine displays offer a complete series of sophisticated instruments typified by uniform design and simple operation on a single hardware platform. The available software versions are Heading, Heading+, TMC, Depth, Depth Single, Nav, Speed, Speedlog, Rudder, Turn, Rudderturn, Time, Wind and Meteo.


MFS Alphaline Repeater

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