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The AlphaCam AHD camera line is a complete line of different cameras. The line consists of fixed focus cameras, zoom cameras and dome cameras. Several interfaces are developed to control the zoom and dome cameras. With these interfaces the data for controlling the camera is put onto the coax cable, combined with the video signal. No extra wires are needed besides the power and coax cable.


The AlphaCam AHD Mini line are complete video cameras in a nitrogen filled IP67-sealed rugged housing intended for marine and commercial applications. Due to the small sizes, these camera’s will hardly noticed when mounted in e.g. gangways or in the rigging. An additional advantage of being small is the reduced impact of vibration and the lower risk of ropes getting tangled or the camera being knocked off. The stainless steel housing gives a unique feature to the fixed focus and zoom cameras. The watertight camera insert of the housing can be rotated in the housing, so for every installation position or rotated monitor an easy solution is available. These AlphaCam AHD Mini's are available with a stainless steel housing. One of the key benefits of this version is the separated camera box from the housing. This makes it possible to rotate the camera relative to the housing.


The AlphaCam AHD mini has an 1/2.8" Sony CMOS Sensor with 2.1 Megapixel and comes with a IP67 proof housing. Some AlphaCam mini’s have besides the CCTV camera also a infra-red ring of LEDs. These IR LEDs will only operate in darkness. The maximum range of the IR LEDs is approximately 20m. The AlphaCam AHD mini stainless steel is available in the following lens size: 2.1mm, 2.8mm, 3.6mm (IR), 6.0mm (IR), 8.0mm (IR), 12.0mm (IR), 16.0mm (IR), 25.0mm (IR).



Alphacam AHD mini RVS

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